Pictures: why ?? Who made Indian girl marries dog !!!

Indian girl to marry him claiming "Mangle Munda" at the age of ten Acommnh of a stray dog ​​named Shiro 
It was the work of a traditional wedding, according to the Indian tradition of Alzeraj ceremony for 
them and approved of the marriage of the girl dog

Local newspapers reported that the Indian "Indian girl was forced to marry a stray dog ​​to avoid" Unfortunately, "pointing out that" guru "guru" of a small isolated village in Jharkhand state in India, which is paying to this strange marriage. "

With local newspapers and adds that the Indian spiritual teacher of the village revealed that "Mangle Munda", aged 18, is enchanted, and if she marries a man who could lead to the destruction of her family and community, so I was forced to marry a stray dog ​​named Shiro. 

Although the groom has a non-traditional marriage ceremony ceremony according to Indian tradition, has confirmed that the girl and her marriage to a dog does not make them happy, "but that would of changed."

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