You will not believe what happens to your body if you put a drop of honey and ginger on the navel area bombshell

Bieny many of us from many diseases and they taking medicine that may be useful in the treatment of disease and harm the body and Bbaky today will offer you a natural way of dealing with a lot of diseases without resorting to drugs and go to the doctor

Method is very simple just place one drop of honey on your navel and pinch of ground ginger placed above Adhesive bandage "Blaster" so as not to cause the dirty clothes, repeat this every day for a period ranging from one month to two months, and, God willing, you will notice yourself therapeutic medical effects 

After that we knew the way kept us know diseases that can be treated this way, God willing: 

1. migraines and kidney. 

2. inflammation of the eyes. 

3. Alenthabat nose. 

4. respiratory diseases such as asthma 

5. neck pain. 

6. shoulders ache. 

7. spine and lower back pain. 

8. gall bladder pain. 

9. stomach cramps. 

10. IBS pain. 

11. constipation. 

12. diarrhea. 

13. Trouble blood pressure problems. 

14. rheumatic pains.


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