10 ways to strengthen women fertility

The fertility of women alone is not enough, which is confirmed by modern medical research, where the physiological and psychological factors play a major role in the incidence of 

Physicians offers you 10 ways to strengthen your fertility

 Healthy food
They need to eat a meal rich in vitamin C, iron, zinc, protein and 
where these metals affect the occurrence of ovulation in women

Ideal weight
Fit weight with height helps fertility safety where excess weight leads to the accumulation of fat around the uterus, which results in 
difficulty ovulation

Stay away from the tension
Stress and anxiety produces them destroy fertility in women

There is no time to practice intimacy
Some couples select a weekly date for the exercise of intimacy 
which affects the fertility of women

Coffee and tea
There is a close relationship between the multiplication of caffeine-rich drinks and where fertility affect the ovulation process in women, causing weakness in fertility

Nicotine is not limited to the destruction of eggs women, but also leads to an increase in the age of the uterus

Taking the pill
Taking the pill at the beginning of the marriage leads to disturbances in fertility

Venereal diseases
Some women get vaginal infections and some types of microbes affect fertility

Health status of the pair
Fertility of men affected by some factors, including smoking, alcohol, diet food

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