See Pictures: Miracle-old girl 3 days !! See what to do ????

A British newborn child at the age of 3 days, only managed to dazzle and amaze all from behind, including a doctor and nurses at the hospital official kit sponsorship, calling the girl child miracle 

  British girl was able to breastfeed itself and stuck a bottle of artificial milk, which dazzles her 

رضيعة بريطانية تُرضع نفسها منذ يومها الثالث في الحياة

She said her mother "Unni", which at the age of 20 years, the newspaper "Mirror" the British, that her daughter "Amara Cedoza", which now stands at two weeks of age, and weigh my mobile 3 kilograms, you can rely on itself in infancy, and when you feel full leave the bottle immediately without help. 

She added that her daughter notified surprised everyone including the doctor in charge of the sponsorship, and the nursing staff at the hospital. The newspaper described the matter as "like a miracle", due to 
the fact that newborns do not have the capacity to do so.

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